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Christmas Day Banquet

Santa on the Beach

Enjoy the delicious Christmas Day Banquet of Northerlies while you’re here.

If you’re staying at Freedom Shores during the Christmas days, we would love to present you the delicious Christmas Day Banquet of Northerlies.

Northerlies Christmas Banquet

Northerlies Christmas Banquet

Lunching at the shore of the Whitsundays, while watching Santa Claus makes its way through the ocean and beach has something magical, hasn’t it?

Northerlies’ banquet will be served – COVID-proof table service – from noon to 4 pm.

Choose your preferred type of banquet. Lunch inside of the Brasserie Banquet, or outside of the Nakamal Banquet. Check the poster for prices and more information.

Or feel free to call us or mail us at stay@freedomshores.com.au to have a wonderful Christmas experience at Freedom Shores.

Of course, Christmas isn’t about the food solely, we will have a special guest Santa Claus with presents as well.

If you go all the way for the extended after-Christmas feeling, you’re more than welcome to join Northerlies on Boxing Day as well or hang out in the pool or on your private deck. We have it all!

Let’s start hanging the lights and setting the tree, our tree is already glowing and waiting for you!

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