Discover the pinnacle of relaxation at Freedom Shores Resort, nestled in the hills of the Whitsundays. Our resort offers a well-appointed heated pool with incredible views over the Whitsunday islands that will redefine your tropical escape.

No matter when you visit, our heated pool ensures year-round comfort. Whether you seek refuge from the sun during the summer or a warm haven in the mild Whitsunday winter, you’ll find the perfect temperature awaiting you. It’s the perfect pool-side deck, with lounge chairs, floating pool pillows, amazing views & the cocktail bar right next door!

With accommodations ranging from ocean-view suites to cozy boat bungalows, Freedom Shores Resort ensures your Whitsunday stay is nothing short of perfection.

Don’t miss out on this oasis of serenity. Book your Whitsunday escape at Freedom Shores Resort today, and dive into the lap of luxury. Your tropical paradise awaits!