One Step Beyond

A resort lies on the outskirts of Airlie Beach in the tropical Whitsundays built around an interesting story. At Freedom Shores, visitors can stay in boat cabins, dine at Northerlies Beach Bar and Grill with a great selection of craft beers and boutique wines, enjoy a menu developed by our inspirational Head Chef, or just slow down and soak up the view of the water’s edge with a cocktail or a beer from the largest range of on tap craft beers in all of Airlie Beach.

Freedom Shores began when the owners acquired the old Shute Harbour jetty poles. These beautiful pieces of timber inspired an entire resort built around reclaimed boats and special accommodation on the water at Woodwark, North Queensland.

General MacArthur’s vessel

The owners began sourcing old boats and fascinating timber to create a point of difference in an area teaming with boat enthusiasts.

“We even have a deck created on top of the actual Shangri La, reportedly a vessel in General Macarthur’s fleet in World War II.”

Pirates involved

Not only are the boats a point of interest where they are scattered about the place, even the plants can tell a story. Some of the palm trees on site were obtained from the Pirates of the Caribbean film set after the Whitsundays hosted the setting for the film.

Inspired by The Doors lyrics

Freedom Shores was originally named after The Doors song, Waiting for the Sun taken from the lyrics “Standing there on freedom’s shore, waiting for the sun.”